High quality Seetronic connectors for audio video and lighting applications.

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Seetronic is a high- tech enterprise focused on developing high- end connectors, relying on Taiwan precision machining foundation, also has a team with forward- looking and creative design, we have continuously developed excellent products to meet market demand from generation to generation, leading the present and future trends, especially as the rise of many new industries, the company also broadens the vision to provide suitable solutions for these new demand timely. Seetronic products include audio, video, signal, power and fiber optic connectors, which are widely used in audio,lighting, medical, automotive, machinery, aviation and other industries. During the long- term practice, continuous selfimprovement and innovation, our internal management and operations have improved by leaps and bounds, while products quality and service are recognized by our customers, but also offer strong confidence for the enterprise to realize higher value. Seetronic business philosophy is to always provide customers with better services and more products. Currently, the company has passed the USA UL certification and we will provide VDE cetification 2015. in addition, as for our independent research and development new products, apply for a series of patents (1 patents for inventions, 8 utility model patents), to ensure the originality of our products

RCA Seetronic ST352 Save 33%
2,31  1,55 
Without VAT: 1,25 
Seetronic Jack 6.3mm MP2X Save 29%
2,90  2,05 
Without VAT: 1,65 
Seetronic Jack 6.3mm MP3X Save 32%
3,20  2,17 
Without VAT: 1,75 
Without VAT: 2,34 
Without VAT: 2,34 
Adapter Mini JACK 3.5mm Female in JACK 6.3mm Stereo Male Seetronic MP3-MJF Save 30%
8,06  5,60 
Without VAT: 4,52 
Adapter RCA Female in XLR 3pin Male Metallic Seetronic Save 21%
9,50  7,50 
Without VAT: 6,05 
Adapter RCA Female in XLR 3pin Female Metallic Seetronic MA3FRF Save 21%
9,50  7,50 
Without VAT: 6,05 
Adapter XLR 5pin Male in XLR 3pin Female Metallic Seetronic MA5M3F Save 26%
15,90  11,78 
Without VAT: 9,50