Floor Lamp LED Dark Grey 6W 4000K 12053-021

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Floor Lamp LED Dark Grey 6W 4000K 12053-021
•    Consumption: 6W
•    Power supply: 230V
•    Color Temperature: 4000K - 4300K
•    Brightness: 480 Lumens
•    Ingress Protection: IP-65 Waterproof
•    Opening Hours 30,000 hours
•    Dimensions: Length 800mm-Width 102mm-Height 107mm

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The main advantages of LED lamps in comparison with old-fashioned incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and CFL lamps:

• Reduce power consumption up to 90%.

• Their service life is over 25,000 hours. (Lamp lifetime 1000-4000 hours).

• They do not emit high temperatures (<65 degrees Celsius) and thus reduce the load and cost

operation of air conditioners in the summer.

• Do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury, cadmium and lead.

• They offer comfortable and restful lighting, with very good color quality (CRI> 80).

• The old lamp technology was 90% temperature and 10% light energy, while the Led lamps are 90% energy-light and 10% temperature.

• Fourth generation LED lamps replace old lamps without changing the luminaire.

Additional financial benefits. These come from avoiding frequent lamp replacements, labor costs, storage costs, air conditioning,


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